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Age: 19 years old
DOB: November 1988
School: Nanyang Technological University

photography addict , cinematography addict
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I don't wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone...


Monday, September 15, 2008

Cintaku karena kau cintaku
Maka hati ini tetap menjalani
Cintaku karena kau cintaku
Maka diri ini menjadi milikmu

Selama kau mau
Kita trus bersama
Cinta . . .
akan selamanya
Membawa diriku kepadamu

Cintaku karena kau cintaku
Akan kuserahkan seluruh hidupku . . .

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Which one? Photography or film-making? Someone please enlighten me!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Hi all,
Sorry for away from this blog for quite a long time. It is not because I am losing my interest to write down my thought, or my daily activities, or sharing lovely wonderful songs with you in this lovely blog, but it is simply because of my workload. Wow, very busy lately.

Do what you love and f*ck the rest - Little Miss Sunshine (2007)

Yah, this quote is running in my head. Keep thinking of why we - human-beings, people, society, etc - must do something we do not really like or intend to do, but we have to.

1. First reason, perhaps, most of us do and yes, it does make sense is for the sake of your, my, his, her God.

2. Another possible reason is to stay away from a big Rebel mark on your forehead or a big R on your temple or even to please your professors (Shame on You).

Ok, for you -who do it for the first reason, I will not put any judgement on you . . . *sigh

but, not so for you who did,doing, and will do what-you-don't-like-but-you-have-to for the 2nd reason...

For you who are in the 2nd category, does it give u any pleasure to do what people want you to do?

Sometimes, you must speak your mind out, friend. Telling people that you are just not in your comfort zone is not a crime. The NYPD or LAPD won't put you in their blacklist just because of your honestness. You will not be banned from internet access, you still can have your dreamy dinner in one of those most romantic restaurants in Paris or even in a castle far up there on the Scotland hill.

You ONLY live once. Please, live your life to what you want it to be... Sure, you will see and feel that you are more than wonderful person. Believe in your deepest part of your red-heart. It does tell you the right..it does... You are respected more than any diamond in this cosmos.

It is not too late to change your way of thinking, it is simply whether you are a winner or just a typical looser.




Wednesday, September 26, 2007



Thursday, September 20, 2007

After spent so many many hours (2 days 2 nights), finally this is my first design of a set of my cute robots..

VoleeBo 1.0

-- Its name was derived from Volley Ball and Robot.

so happy.... wuhuiiiii....


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On the eleventh of September 6 years ago, four U.S. planes hijacked by terrorists crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania killing nearly 3,000 people in a matter of hours. What a tragedy?

Why did the terrorist attack US and A? Is it simply because of their ethnic background /race? Ya, no one can answer this question but if so, then pity our world for the existence of racism.

Its not the matter of how many people were killed, nor how sad the world became at that particular moment.

It’s the turning point in which US and A started to against terrorism. I know most of the American did not agree to what their leader (in this case: their president) did after 9/11 especially the strike to Afghanistan and Iraq. Ya, “they” decided to attack Afghanistan after the 9/11. Or should I say he started to attack instead of they. We agree to him to some extent that we shall wipe terrorism out of this universe. But not in the way he did, and doing. He may has the right to do military invasion to wherever he wants. But not to whoever he wants.

All the 9/11 victims’ family know how did they feel when they lost their beloved one? When an unexpected tragedy came and put all their future and hopes off. Then, they should unite to put a stop to terrorism, but too bad, they did not. They let all these new-form-of-terrorism happened again in Afghanistan and later, in Iraq.

Today, he killed more than twice of the 9/11 victims. And perhaps, he did not kill any terrorist yet. Most of them were civilians, pregnant women, children whom were powerless and helpless. They do have rights to live their life, don't they?

For the sake of revenge, he did it brilliantly.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Just came back from photo lab.. i was there to develelop my negative film so i can do the printing tomorrow..
but 1 bad thing did happen to me..

I cut my thumb accidentally and it kept bleeding for a while.. n it did spread on the film which I wanted to develop... coz in the darkroom, u cant see anything . . .

so sad man...

Luckily, it didnt affect the end result of my film... *fiuh..

Do I have to "mandi 7 kembang" to flush this bad curse away? *sob

Oh my God... *shocked,

I overslept again... so happy man! I am supposed to sit down nicely in my lecture theater from 9am-12am and listen to whatever sh*t there, but..... i just woke up a few minutes ago... right after the lecture was finished..
I really have sleeping disorder.. cannot stay this forever, must find a way to get out from this drive-me-crazy poor time management... *huh.. help me!!!!!


my clock keep ticking and now is 5.23 am... i have a lecture on 9am - 12 am, photo lab and french class for today.. ya, it will be a tiring day.. but why I still fully awake and aware.. why I didn't sleep last nite? *lol

Is this because of my lipton tea? oh no.... i wanna sleep.. *tired



wew... feel kinda excited for having my new blog set-up...


i love yammie, sounds a bit weird.. perhaps, some of you keep asking, wats dat?
FYI,Yammie is a traditional handmade noodle of the Chinese..

ok, not much to write on for today... but will keep u guys updated soon...